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Thank you very much for visiting this webpage about Avetta, which as formerly known as PICS Auditing. I have been assisting businesses through this prequalification and vendor selection system for numerous years. Although there have been some changes with Avetta over time, this third party organization has remained relatively consistent over the years. Many people who are largely unfamiliar with the nuances of the Avetta prequalification system can find the workload overwhelming. However, I have made it my mission to assist as many businesses as possible in achieving success with their Avetta account. Hopefully, this webpage will answer your questions and provide guidance as to how I can provide assistance in the Avetta process.

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Avetta is a safety resource company charged with verifying written health and safety programs, employee training records, OSHA 300 forms, experience modification ratings (EMRs), insurance certificates, and other miscellaneous review requests. As the health and safety industry grows to become more and more regulated, many primary contractors require that subcontractors have an Avetta user account. Avetta reviews and verifies the accuracy of a subcontractor’s submissions and then reports these findings to the primary contractor to measure compliance within the established requirements. A predetermined “Flag Grade” of Green or Yellow is required to conduct work as a subcontractor for many primary contractors. A Flag Grade of Red typically disqualifies a contractor from performing work. 


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What is a Flag grade?

Usually, the Flag Grade issued by Avetta is based on the traditional grading scale of Green, Yellow, or Red. Typically, a Green Flag means that your company is good to proceed with any scheduled project without undue delay from the prequalification process. The Yellow Flag means that there may or may not be additional requirements or that your company was Red flagged, but received a temporary clearance to Yellow. Some primary contractors will require additional information to proceed with scheduled work while others will have no additional requirements. It really depends.

Obviously, the Red Flag is problematic as it indicates that certain criteria were not met. Sometimes, a company is issued a Red Flag because there is an outstanding requirement not satisfied. Other times, the Red Flag indicates that a company has not met the prequalification standards and will not be able to proceed with scheduled work. For example, if your safety performance metrics exceeded the allowable threshold, your company could be disqualified from work until improvement is made.

What kind of information does Avetta require?

Avetta will certainly require a great amount of information from each business. Here is a short rundown of the information requested and reviewed in nearly every case:

  • A prequalification questionnaire called a PQF must be completed for each year requested
  • OSHA 300 and 300A logs for the last three calendar years
  • An experience modification rating (EMR) letter from your workers’ compensation insurance carrier must be submitted for each year requested in the PQF
  • The submission of written safety programs, which are determined by Avetta depending on the hiring client requirements and your industry work type
  • A certificate of insurance meeting the requirements of the hiring client
  • The completion of required questionnaires, which are usually specific to the company you will be doing business with
  • Depending on the hiring client and your industry, employee safety training records may be required
  • An implementation audit may be required, which is generally a much more extensive process

Avetta does not vary much in the information that they request. However, if your company is required to partake in an implementation audit, interaction with a real live auditor will become necessary. Some implementation audits are done via email while others require a site visit or web-based meeting online. All in all, Avetta makes sure your organization upholds its obligations and is doing what you claim to be doing. It is a  “trust but verify” type auditing model.

How can my company be successful with Avetta?

Each company will find its own degree of success depending upon the unique circumstances germane to your organization. As a general guideline, I have outlined some indicators of success below:

  • An EMR of 1.05 or less
  • A total recordable incident rate, or TRIR, less than or equal to the established industry mean for your company’s NAICS code
  • A days away restricted transfer rate, or DART, less than or equal to the established industry mean for your company’s NAICS code
  • Adequate coverage limits for workers compensation, commercial general liability (CGL), excess/umbrella liability, professional liability (if professional services are provided), and automobile policies
    •  Note:  There are numerous types of insurance policies such as crime, cargo, and pollution-to name a few. These are requested less frequently than those coverage types listed above.
  • An effective and established health and safety program including worksite assessment, employee safety training, regulatory compliance, and control measures

You may be wondering about the general indicators listed above, especially if your business is newly established. There are unique challenges with startup companies, but nothing insurmountable. For example, new businesses are typically issued an EMR of 1.0, or what is referred to as unity, but in some cases, an EMR is not issued for new businesses with less than three years of workers’ compensation experience claims history. And, you are probably aware that the OSHA 300 and 300A logs will be nonexistent for a newly established business entity and, therefore, the TRIR and DART cannot be calculated. Overall, although newly established business entities may face such challenges, with the right direction and advice, success with nearly every hiring client can be achieved.

Success with more established business entities can also be found within the parameters of the success indicators listed above. However, what actions are necessary to find success for organizations that exceed the EMR, TRIR, and/or DART thresholds? This likely depends upon the parameters set by the hiring client. For some hiring clients, there are avenues where a mitigation plan or corrective action plan may be submitted when certain safety performance metrics are exceeded. Other hiring clients may forbear work with your organization altogether, so much of the success realized will be predicated upon individual hiring client factors and requirements.

Work with me: The Markus Wesaw® Impact

Avetta has realized significant success as a third party verification agency during its tenure. This organization is highly respected for its accuracy in reporting to its base of hiring clients. This means that your company faces some of the best and brightest safety and health auditors in the business. When you have Markus Wesaw® on your side, you can rest assured that the Avetta account will be professionally and ethically managed. Markus Wesaw® ensures that each client gets the highest level of service with the best possible outcome.

It is understood that your organization has countless options to pursue with respect to acquiring assistance with your Avetta account. Let’s evaluate the Markus Wesaw® difference:

  • Board Certified Safety Professional (CSP®)
  • Internationally recognized achiever in occupational health and safety
  • Leading regulatory expert in OSHA compliance, interpretation, and implementation
  • US Navy veteran trained in complex problem-solving, goal-setting, and achievement
  • Extraordinary analytical thinker with multidisciplinary knowledge base
  • Client-centered philosophy on consulting engagements
  • Unparalleled loyalty and dedication to client needs and demands

Below, you will find an outline of the Avetta Scope of Work conducted by Markus Wesaw®:

  • Safety Programs-professionally drafted, edited, and/or amended written safety programs
  • Insurance-coordination with insurance brokers and management to meet hiring client coverage and policy requirements
  • Questionnaires-prompt and timely completion of management safety questionnaires
  • Document Review and Submission-acknowledgment forms, training records, OSHA 300 and 300A logs, EMR letters, etc.
  • Account Updates-new hiring clients, insurance policy renewals, quarterly management safety questionnaires, etc., are promptly completed

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